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Papillons, the "butterfly breed", are a loving, gentle and happy breed.  They are a member of AKC's Toy Group.  Because they are a Toy breed, they are rather fragile and not recommended for small children.  Also, because of their small size, they are easily prey for predators such as coyotes, hawks, horned owls, and more.  Please do not ever leave Papillons unattended or too far from you when outside!  Papillons can be hard to have reliably house-trained, especially if there are more than one. 

Deborah Wood in her excellent new book on Papillons ("A New Owner's Guide to Papillons" by Deborah Wood) writes the following about Papillon personalities, and she describes them wonderfully:

Although almost all Papillons are lively, people-oriented dogs, there is a range of energy levels and the need for constant entertainment among Papillons.  Some Papillons reflect the more laid-back personality of their spaniel ancestors and are content to chase a toy around the living room for 15 minutes and then cuddle contently for an hour.  Other Papillons are more like miniature Border Collies, and will general get themselves into terrible trouble if they don't have at least an hour or two of interactive, demanding activity in a day.

In the same book she also writes,

Be prepared to spend the next 15 years or more of your life with two bright, brown eyes staring at you, waiting for you to play.  Papillons have been bred to be companion dogs for centuries, and they've perfected the art.  They'll gaze at you for hours at a time, hoping to lure you into a game of fetch, a walk, a tummy scratch, or other doggie activities.  Don't expect to spend a waking minute alone again: not while you're cooking dinner, not when you're reading a book, not even when you're in the bathroom.  Papillons are only truly happy when they are with the people they love.

Please buy Ms. Wood's book on Papillons for more great information.  She is also the author of another excellent book for working with shy dogs, "Help for Your Shy Dog: Turning Your Terrified Dog into a Terrific Pet", also at Amazon.

NEWS FLASH!!  Great new Papillon Books are available!!!

Two new Papillon books are out that are THE best breed books I've ever read!!  They are the first ones I've found that actually discuss personality and care, not just historical Champions and pedigrees. 


"A New Owner's Guide to Papillons" by Deborah Wood and published by T.F.H. Publications, Inc..

This book is excellent!  I wouldn't make any changes at all, but it isn't quite as detailed on caring for a Papillon as the one below.   This one has better descriptions on Papillon personality.   New Owner's Guide to Papillons at Amazon


"Papillons" by Jacklyn E. Hungerland, Ph.D. and published by Barron's.

It is a bit misleading on personality, though, because Papillons often ARE shy with strangers and, in fact. it says that in our breed standard.  Also, I would caution people on pp. 29-30 to make SURE the Papillon is eating SOMETHING or call your vet or breeder immediately.  Papillons that don't eat in a 24-hour period can get a drop in low blood sugar that can KILL them.  On p. 41, all Papillon nails are NOT clear, some are black.  Otherwise I felt the book was extremely accurate and thorough.  This is a MUST-READ for all prospective Papillon owners!!   Here is a link to Amazon.com for this book:  Papillons at Amazon


"Little Dogs: Training Your Pint-Sized Companion" by Deborah Wood and published by T.F.H. Publications, Inc..

Absolutely OUTSTANDING book!  My top recommendation for Papillon training and manners!! Little Dogs: Training Your Pint-Sized Companion at Amazon

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