I grew up showing and training both horses and dogs, and feel very strongly that breeding animals requires a great deal of commitment, knowledge and dedication.  I believe breeding is, in fact, Animal Science, and that it requires learning and applying knowledge of genetics, structure and movement, nutrition, training, animal husbandry and behavior as well as love and devotion to the animals and the breed itself.

I  had all my breeding dogs (a silly term since these are also my children and adored pets/friends) screened and certified free of eye problems, knee (patella) problems, and congenital heart defects.  I am adamant that breeders take responsibility for the health and temperaments of their dogs and the dogs they produce and are honest with themselves, their puppy buyers and other breeders.  No breeder breeds perfect animals and even the most responsible and careful breeders can and will run into problems, however I feel that by being honest and documenting these as well as the "clear" animals, we can work to reduce or significantly eliminate problems in our breed.

I also believe in early puppy socialization and sensor/stress exercises to help each puppy grow into a brave, well-adjusted companion.

I bred Papillons because I absolutely love and adore them and because I hoped to make a difference in the breed by being known for quality and continuous commitment to the breed.  I did NOT breed to sell Papillons!  In fact, this is definitely the hardest part of what I did.  When I had Papillons that I felt should be placed in homes as pets, I screened very carefully to find homes that were right for each dog.  This is not about who is "good enough", it's about what home will be thrilled with the dog and which dog will be thrilled with that home!

I hope you enjoy my website,

Kim Hudson

The "Li'l Gang" in June 2005

Back row (left to right): Magic, Herbie, Jazz, Renni, Missy

Front row (left to right): Prancer, Jewel, Gizmo, Pia Phoebe


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