Jewel is our little sweetheart - all 4.2 pounds of her (full grown weight).   She is joyful, devoted, and loves absolutely everyone and every creature.   She's spayed due to bad luxating patellas (something we need to be careful with in Paps).  She had surgery on both Patellas at only 2 years old.

Jewel at 3 years:

Jewel sweet face small.jpg (22800 bytes)

Jewel at 1 year:

Jewel_1_year_b.jpg (35272 bytes)

Jewel at 5 1/2 months:

Jewel_5.5_mos_collage.jpg (198656 bytes)

Here she is at 3 months:

      Jewel 3 mos 1.jpg (50198 bytes)  Jewel 3 mos 2.jpg (43114 bytes)

Jewel 3 mos 4.jpg (23074 bytes)

And here's Jewel, 3 months, wanting to be like her new big brother ("Gizmo")!:

Jewel 3 mos 3.jpg (31736 bytes)

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