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The Boys - Past, Current & Future

Ch. Wise's Le Roi Brown

Ch. Wise's The Love Bug

Jazz_photoshoot.jpg (10238 bytes)
(at 4 1/2 years old)
CHIC #12148

(at 4 1/2 years old)
CHIC #12150

Ch. HeartDreams Prancer of Lorac

HeartDreams Heaven's Own
("Angelo") - Major Pointed

Prancer (Magic x Jazz)
(at 2 years old)
CHIC #17949

Angelo (Phoebe x Herbie)
(at 18 mos old)

Elmac's Morgan of HeartDreams
(co-owned with Eleanor MacDonald)

HeartDreams Officer and a Gentleman

(Ch. HeartDreams Prancer of Lorac x Ch. Elmac's Johanna Spyri )

(at 2 years old)

(Ch. HeartDreams Heaven's Own x Ch. HeartDreams Glory to God)
(at 7 mos old)


The Girls - Past, Current & Future

CH. Elmac's Serendipity

Anchor Magic Moment

(at 7 mos)
CHIC #14126

(at 5 1/2 yrs old)
CHIC #12149

Pixiedust Good Luck Charmer
("Phoebe") - Major pointed

Ch HeartDreams Glory to God

(at 2.5 years old)
CHIC #17948

Glory (Renni x Prancer)
(at 21 monthsold)


Ch. Elmac's Johanna Spyri
(co-owned with Eleanor MacDonald)

HeartDreams Owed to an Angel

(Ch. Elmac's Bradford Liam x Aspen's Heidi of Elmac)

(at 3 years old)


(Ch. HeartDreams Heaven's Own x Ch. HeartDreams Glory to God)
(at 15 mos old)



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