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Pixiedust Good Luck Charmer

DOB: 9/19/2002
Black & White (minimal tri, genetically)


almost 3 yrs old

I am extremely lucky and Blessed to be chosen as the new mom for this most precious little girl. She has a most outstanding temperament and is very correct and, of course, beautiful!

Thank you to Carole Bixler of Pixiedust Papillons for entrusting me with this top quality girl!

Phoebe with 2nd and last litter:

Phoebe at almost 2½ years old:

Phoebe at 2 yrs 9 months old:

Phoebe at 13 months old:

Phoebe got her first Major at the Griffin KC show!

Phoebe at 12 months old:


Phoebe is shown here with our favorite Junior Handler - Leah Puffenburger

Phoebe at 8 months (yes, she's been out playing in the dirt!):


Phoebe at 12 weeks:

Phoebe playing with Jazz 200212.jpg (66016 bytes)
She's a Very brave girl daring to take away "Jazz's" toy!!

Phoebe at 10 weeks:

Phoebe and ball 10 wks a small.jpg (32234 bytes)

Phoebe at 8 weeks:

 Left side e cropped sm.jpg (30122 bytes)  Front a cropped.jpg (12987 bytes)  Front movement cropped sm.jpg (37905 bytes)
Sitting Pose b cropped sm.jpg (16603 bytes)  Playing with shoelace cropped sm.jpg (28657 bytes) Playing with Dixie cropped sm.jpg (17966 bytes)
Cute Face d cropped sm.jpg (27758 bytes) Cute Face a cropped sm.jpg (20664 bytes)

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