My Favorite Shopping Places

Here are some of my secret favorite shopping places :-):

bulletPawsitive Plantation - Photography, calendars, and an EXCELLENT Boarding and Training facility - worth the drive!!
bulletRover Pet Enclosures - the BEST doggie playpens and feeding enclosures!
bulletSmartpak Canine - usually the best prices on Frontline and Advantage.  For any of you horse people, yes, these are the wonderful Smartpak Equine people who ship supplements and food in cool, pre-packaged portions.  There is nothing better for pet sitters than the portions for each animal packed separate and sealed for freshness :-).  They auto-ship for dogs and horses, too.
bulletPetEdge - my favorite catalog supply place that I've been using for about 20 years.  They used to be New England Serum. 
bulletCherryBrook - for specific dog show stuff
bulletDoug's Wagonwalker and x-pen gates - this is a wonderful, honest guy who makes outstanding quality products. His show carts for hauling dog crates are second to NONE.  They handle gravel, mud, and sand all without you pulling like a mule :-).  He also makes x-pen gates now (I like to think I had something to do with that from one of our discussions :-) ) which are so incredibly useful at shows, with my RV, and even in the house.
bulletRevival Animal Products - I use for medical supplies
bulletKing Wholesale - I use for bulk toys and chews, but they have lots of other stuff with excellent prices, too.  They have cases of PipSqueaks and Dingo bones!!  (now  you know my secret as to why I always have new ones for my dogs and granddogs)


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